Thursday, September 6, 2012

RV Remodel 11

It took longer than expected to find and fix all the leaks we had.  We thought the roof was fixed then once we pulled it out of the barn and it rained a few time we found one leak after another!  We decided to just redo the roof and Dear Hubby has an Uncle who has helped so much. 
New Roof
Once we got the roof finished we had to wait for it to rain again to make sure nothing leaks.  Luckily we live in Florida so it's only a day or so wait for a rainstorm to come.
The New Roof DOES NOT leak
Now the walls are weeping!
By now I am so frustrated that I can not even go out there and look anymore!  Luckily I have a very patient hubby that started with one window again and worked his way all the way around the outside of the trailer.  He caulked all the windows again since the first stuff we used was a total waste!  It just turned to Elmer's glue and washed off...... 
It said interior/exterior window and door, you would think it would have worked.
We think that the majority of the leak was coming from the rear side corner trim and then dripping down into the aluminum framing channel and when it filled up it would overflow and look like the walls were weeping. 
I am so glad that this phase is OVER!  I want to get back to working on it again. 
 Dear Hubby spray foam insulated the walls. (Which he got from his ever so helpful Uncle again!)  We really couldn't do this without him!
Foam insulated wall

Bathroom wall
We had just enough to do 3/4 of the trailer.  We are just going to use the leftover pink insulation on what was left. 
We are going Friday to find paneling for the walls and the ceiling.  I am thinking we are going to splurge on an air nail gun.  We can use it on the walls, ceilings, and the cabinets too.  ( I do love me some power tools!)
I am excited to be continuing on and so happy that the leak phase is OVER!  Once we get the paneling up we'll paint it white and begin on framing in the bathroom and the kitchen area wall with wardrobes and cabinets.
I found a futon with drawers under at Target a few weeks ago for only $99.  I  went ahead a got it since we are delayed a bit in the remodel.  It's going to be in the front area for Boy F to sleep on.  I also found flannel backed curtain panels at Target for $9 each.  I bought the longest ones I could find (84") so that I can cut and resew for all the curtains.
Wish us luck!
Until next time.....

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