Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RV Remodel 16

We worked all weekend on the Trailer and we are finally getting somewhere!  I forgot the camera on Friday and I was too busy to run in and get it so I have a few pictures of where we left off earlier in the week.
Wardrobe framed in

Framing in along right wall.  Kitchen, Refrigerator cabinet, Pantry then second wardrobe cabinet.

Kitchen base cabinet started

Shelf for the stove on the right sink will go under the window.
Shelves going in, side panels going up.

Testing the kitchen cabinet!  Love it!

Working on the right side, saving the bathroom side for later.
I almost don't want to cut the counter top.  I love having all that counter space but what if Dear hubby or the kids want to eat.....?
Few more shelves to go on the wardrobe.  I am getting really excited seeing all of this progress!
Dear hubby taking his time cutting out the sink.  It was a little nerve racking since we didn't want any mistakes. 

Sink hole cut out, let's see if the sink will fit.....

Great fit!  We should bolt the counter top down before we add the sink....
Cutting out for the stove.  We taped both sides of our cutting line with masking tape to prevent chipping.  The cuts were clean and not one chip!
 First wall of the bathroom going up.  This time we assembled it out in the barn and brought it inside to attach to the wall.  So much easier!

 Boy F. helping Dear hubby install the second wall of the bathroom.  Now the camper is feeling like it's getting smaller and smaller!

Looking from front of camper to the rear sleeping area.
Sink & Stove sitting in counter space on left, refrigerator in spot, shelves up in pantry and both wardrobes.  Two of the three bathroom walls in, we set the dinette in to double check how much bathroom room we had.  We plan on remaking the dinette with new paneling where it's needed. 
I have ordered the material to recover the dinette cushions.  I really wanted to use a camouflage fabric but the only ones I liked were over $14 per yard.  I got this one for $5.75 per yard.  Much better when you need 8 yards.
I think with all the tans and white on the walls and cabinets, the floor will be a dark wood and the futon for Boy F. to sleep on is black that this is a nice medium. 

Now I get to start sewing!  F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! 

Until next time....



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