Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RV Remodel 12

We will be professional rv remodelers when this is all over with!

We have decided that in place of Making Memories this remodel should be called "Nothing's Easy!"

Just when we think we have no more leaks we find another one!

When we had the A/C unit on, water was pouring from the ceiling vent from the black tank vent pipe hole, aka "stripper pole" hole.  Dear hubby got up on the roof and removed the A/C unit AGAIN (I think this makes the 3rd or 4th time) he thinks when they put on the new roof that the edge was covering the drain area......  Now that that is all fixed we were headed out to find some type of paneling for the walls & ceiling.

We should know by now that "Nothing's Easy" because we went on Friday to the Discount Mobile Home Parts Store we've been eager to go to but the paneling was the same price if not more than the paneling we looked at at Lowe's!  They did have alot of stuff there but all we bought was a window crank knob for $1!  So off to Lowe's we went.

 Off course, that Lowe's store didn't have enough of the paneling we wanted, but they were nice to call another location and confirm that they had plenty and off we go across two counties and 40 miles to the other Lowe's.  We got into a terrible rain storm and saw alot of destruction from a tornado that happened earlier last month during a tropical storm we had.

We showed up at the second Lowe's and they were so helpful loading the paneling with Dear hubby.  (I was tired by now).  We run through the drive through to grab a bite to eat and it's starts pouring!  Now it's one of those drive thru's that once you are in line you can not get out of because it's a wall on both sides!  What were we thinking?
After waiting in line for 20 minutes while it's pouring down raining on our paneling in the back of the truck I am almost in tears! 

We made it home without any other incidents except for all the rain and we layed a tarp over the paneling to keep it dry under the barn.  Now I know we live in Florida and it will rain even without clouds around but this was ridiculously hard out of nowhere rain. 
After we got home & dried off we went into the camper to triple check the leaks.  So far everything looked ready to go. 
Dear hubby asked me why we bought 40 sheets of paneling if by his calculations all we needed was 22?
Well, now we have enough to do the cabinets and the walls of the bathroom too!  I was just being overly prepared I guess.
First three sheets going up.  Wardrobe, pantry and start of kitchen wall.  So far not too hard.

Paneling piece in rear bedroom going up, little bit harder.  I think it took Dear hubby 5 cuts to get it to fit.
Paneling going up on right site of bedroom wall.

Kitchen wall finished and right side of living area.  Moved light switch.
It took Dear hubby and I most of the evening and into the late night to finish up the front of the trailer and two pieces on the left side front. 
I think that once you've worked all day on it and then ate dinner and drank a beer, our measuring wasn't so hot!
We restarted fresh on Sunday on it and luckily Boy T. came home after work and helped with the ceiling.  Boy F. is taking a break since it was 2pm and he just got out of bed!
I told Dear hubby it was starting to look like a coffin!
Guys admiring their handy work!
We started on the ceiling in the rear over the bed and realized we didn't have enough insulation.  So off Boy T went to get some for us.
Boy F. hasn't moved yet either!

Insulation going up over the rear bed area
Looking towards the rear

Rear bedroom

Looking towards the front living area.

Bojangles wants to know are we done yet!  Look at that face!
Dear hubby added additional lighting wires on the left side that will be in the pantry and the wardrobe closets.

Kitchen area with new paneling.
Kitchen area in the beginning
We had a pretty busy weekend.  I am sore & tired and glad to be back to work for a few days to get rested. 
Until next time.....

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