Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RV Remodel 21

More Photos.....

 Wiping up the glue that seeped through.

 Remodel pretty much done.  Dinette cushions re-upholstered, little decoration done too.

I know it's a hunting camper but I'm the one who spends the majority of the time in here while the guys hunt. So why not make it nice for me?

 Bedroom area, decorated.

Bathroom vanity.  My IKEA mirror, thrift shop towel holder, soap dispenser & little plaque.  Mason jar for each of us to put our toothbrushes and needy things.
 No description necessary.

 Outside of camper,  I know there is not much difference but hubby did repaint the stripes.  He was not happy with the orange and red ones.  It is only going to Alabama to sit until hunting season so I really don't care out the outside looks.
Other side of camper, My chickens roaming the yard.

I hope you enjoyed our RV Remodel, we continually said that we were "Making Memories" while remodeling it so that is our family mantra now!

Thanks so much for looking


Monday, April 22, 2013

RV Remodel 20

I am so sorry I never finished the blog of our camper remodel.  I found some photos of the camper and I guess I was just so excited to have it finished that I never finished blogging.

 We dry fitted the Luxury Vinyl Laminate flooring pieces to make sure we had enough.  They were given to us by Dear Hubby's Uncle.  The same one that helped us out with roofing and everything else.

 We didn't have enough flooring to install it under the dinette seats so Dear Hubby went ahead and installed the seats so we could laminate under the table.

 I think this looks is telling me that he's had enough of my supervising!

The flooring was easy to put down, easy to cut the pieces to fit.  The only warning I have is that put the glue on the floor VERY VERY VERY thin.  Every time we stepped on it the glue would seep through the seams.

 The flooring is looking gorgeous!  Using a spray can to weigh down a piece that wants to pop up.

Flooring done and almost dry.  Needs a good cleaning and clean off the counter tops too!

Since we removed the furnace we had to decide on a heating source for those cold Alabama nights.  I found this heater that looked like an iron stove at K-Mart (Thanks to Uncle's bride).  Here in Florida they probably thought I was crazy buying a heater in August!

The size is perfect for this spot.

We used a different flooring down the hall, into the bathroom and in the bedroom.  Since it was FREE from Dear Uncle I couldn't see not using it!  Re-installed the dinette table and re-upholstered the top rails on the dinette seats.

 A look down the hallway to the bedroom.  We only had 7 more days until we were leaving for Alabama with our remodel!

Close up of the bedroom in the rear.  Overhead storage above the bed and storage on the left of the bed.  We also had storage across from the bathroom door too. Lots of places for all the guys' camo stuff!

 I bought a futon from Target with storage under for the front living area.  Boy F can sleep on it and during the day it's a sofa.  Besides it came in a box so we assembled it inside so we didn't have to try to fit it through the door.

Futon in bed position.  Curtains up and cordless screwdriver charging for next project!

I have found a lot more pictures so I will try to get them all posted soon.

Until next time......