Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RV Remodel 21

More Photos.....

 Wiping up the glue that seeped through.

 Remodel pretty much done.  Dinette cushions re-upholstered, little decoration done too.

I know it's a hunting camper but I'm the one who spends the majority of the time in here while the guys hunt. So why not make it nice for me?

 Bedroom area, decorated.

Bathroom vanity.  My IKEA mirror, thrift shop towel holder, soap dispenser & little plaque.  Mason jar for each of us to put our toothbrushes and needy things.
 No description necessary.

 Outside of camper,  I know there is not much difference but hubby did repaint the stripes.  He was not happy with the orange and red ones.  It is only going to Alabama to sit until hunting season so I really don't care out the outside looks.
Other side of camper, My chickens roaming the yard.

I hope you enjoyed our RV Remodel, we continually said that we were "Making Memories" while remodeling it so that is our family mantra now!

Thanks so much for looking


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