Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RV Remodel 19

Oh how I dread painting now!  I feel like I have painted ten thousand gallons worth!

Things are moving along pretty good,  I wish we were ahead of schedule but close is pretty good in my book!

Kitchen cabinet doors, primed, painted twice and re-hung! Trim around windows started.

Living area cabinets primed, painted & re-hung, some of the trim primed.  I should have painted the trim before installing! 

Bathroom wall into dining area ready for TV mount.  You can see down the hallway.  The cabinets are painted too.
We are thinking of cleaning the linoleum real good and waxing it to save a few dollars.  It's not in bad shape, just needs some serious cleaning!

Finally!  Curtains started.  I have decided to make simple curtains that cover the windows and add ties that button so during the day you can pull them up.  No two windows are the same in size!  I'm pretty proud to be able to make curtains for 8 windows for $27 on sale Target window panels. 
Dear hubby has installed the rest of the antenna stuff.  He's such a hard worker!
Still counting down the days until our Maiden Voyage.  Wish us luck.....
Until next time.....

RV Remodel 18

We are like a bunch of workaholics on this travel trailer, I really have to make a day and say we're not going to go out there and do anything on the travel trailer.  We need a day of rest! 

We have gotten alot more work done and we're still on track for November 2nd maiden voyage!

Is this not the coolest paper towel holder spot?  My dear hubby probably HATES pinterest by now.  I love it!

Bathroom counter.  Sink being fitted.  Luxury vinyl floor tiles are going to be used for the countertop.  If you can walk on it why can't you use it for countertop?

The wheel well in the bathroom.  Trying to decide what I'm going to do with it.  I am thinking that if I use the same luxury vinyl tiles it will be ok.  I might just paint it to match the walls.....
I've got a million cabinet doors to paint....Wish me luck!
Until next time....

RV Remodel 17

Believe it or not we've been busy working on the travel trailer.  The last few weeks have been pretty boring stuff.  Making a cabinet door is fun but once you get to number 22 they are not as fun as the first one.  Then you mount them all just to take them down and paint them and put them back up again!

Upper cabinets in the living area

Upper kitchen cabinets

Bed framed in over hot water heater and electrical box. 

Upper cabinets over rear bed.
It has been time consuming work and I am really tired of painting.  We plan on leaving in just over a week to take the camper to Alabama.  Wish us luck in getting ALL that is needed done!
Until next time.....