Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RV Remodel 14

Now that the paneling is up and the ceiling has been painted.  We are going to start in the rear bedroom on the wardrobe and overhead cabinet.  I think that if we do all the upper cabinets first it will be easier to get to. 

Dear hubby has the patience of a saint to try to build with me.  I am a "plan out on paper" type person and Dear hubby is a "let's cut it and see how we like it" type.  I do think that I overthink it sometimes & after the crazy dream I had last night of the paint falling off the walls I am thinking I need to make sure the trailer is more ventilated while we are working in there!

Rear wardrobe frame started.

The kids helping out framing the rear wardrobe

Installing the upper cabinet frame over the bed

Framing done.  Now to add the facing piece, shelves and doors......
I'm getting pretty excited with how things are coming along.  I can't wait to work on trimming the windows and doors and making curtains and cushion covers!  Soon enough though.
Paint finally on the walls.  We chose a light bisque/beige/tan color so that we could stay neutral and add color with pillows and accessories.
I didn't paint where the cabinets would be going since no one will be seeing it anyways.
Boy F. put up all of our new light fixtures.  I had to buy a total of 12.  6-doubles and 6-singles.  They were easy to install and now we can work late into the night and still see!
Girl M. found a "safe" place to sit & listen to her ipod!

Finished for the evening.  Lights installed, A/C Cover installed & Walls painted, we are on a roll now!
Until next time....

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