Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RV Remodel 13

I am thinking we are at the half-way point now on the RV Remodel.  We are on the count down until Thanksgiving when we take the trailer to Alabama. 

That's only 59 days away!
We got ALOT done this weekend.  On Friday I primered the walls & ceiling with Kilz Oil Based Primer.  Make sure you use it in a well ventilated area or you'll start seeing dancing monkeys like I did!
The trailer is only 26-1/2 feet long and 6-1/2 feet tall.  I used almost the whole gallon of Kilz primer on it. 
Living area primered ready for paint & cabinets

Kitchen wall primered ready for paint
I am not sure what part of putting up the paneling was the hardest but the ceiling was NOT my favorite.  I think the panel piece by the water heater/bedroom/bathroom wall was the worst, Dear hubby thinks the panel piece on the right side of the living area was a nightmare.
The last piece of paneling to go up.  It was not an easy piece with 6 cutouts & working next to the power source.
Boy F. painted the air conditioner cover white.  It was smoker's yellow color.  We used the spray paint for plastic.  It turned nice & matches our white ceiling now.
Air Conditioner cover prior to paint

Air Conditioner cover painted to match ceiling
I painted the ceiling a semi-gloss white latex over two coats of Kilz primer.  I looks so clean and nice.  We still have to add the trim strips. 
This is what it looks like while we work late into the night.  Girl M. with the dogs laying on leftover insulation!
Boxing in the wheel well on the kitchen wall

Wheel well looking good.  Almost done with the last project of the night!
Until next time.....

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