Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RV Remodel 7

Girls can use power tools too! 

Quality family time is when your 10 year old daughter ask her dad if she can use the drill to unscrew something!  Dad put her to work removing "eyebrows"? above the doorways. 

I think she did a great job and did it all by herself!

I'm thinking Girl M need a cordless screwdriver for her birthday!

Dad showing Girl M how to re-install the refrigerator vent.

"Dad, I got this!"

Dear hubby told be to blog about the one piece we DIDN'T have to buy for the RV!  It's a roof vent cap we had laying around, he thinks that's recycling......

Skylight vent in front living area repaired with metal and caulked.  No more leaks from this one.  Now he has two more to go!

Kitchen window re-installed & butyl tape trimmed. 

 Furnace vents replaced with metal backs and re-installed.  Butyl tape not trimmed yet.

Porch light that needs replaced above kitchen window.  Testing to see if it even works.  Nope, add that to the list of things to get.

This is the vinyl tile sample we bought to see how we like it.  Boy F. calls this color "camouflage".  I think it will not show clay and dirt too bad.  I'm liking the color now.

Next on our project list is to:
Replace exterior lights-bought & ready to install
Replace antenna-ordered & on it's way
Reseal corner seams
Reset 6 more windows & 1 more door, reinstall eyebrows
Do a leak test on the roof......

Then we'll be able to start inside on the exciting stuff!

Until next time.....


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