Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RV Remodel 4

Removing the outer aluminum skin this is the damage we found.  We thought it would be easier to repair with the skin off.

Now the next picture is what happens when you take off the outer skin and the rotten wood framing under the window completely falls apart.  The whole camper shifted to the right.  I had to hold it up until dear hubby could think of how to straighten it back up!

Now there is no picture of me pushing this camper for a million hours while he rigged up this contraption to hold it upright. 

Contraption pulling the camper back into position!  Whew! that thing was HEAVY!

Dear hubby had to hurry and frame in the front before he could loosen his contraption.

There's that invaluable jack doing some heavy lifting again!  Front area cleaned up and ready to reframe.

Our friend "Jack" holding up the roof.

We're making sure it's plumb before we let the contraption loose.  I look pretty rough because I just spent the last hour holding up the side of a travel trailer!

Front area framing finished!  Now that is beautiful work! 

I'm pretty tired today so until next time.......


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