Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rv Remodel 2

 More demolition going in the camper.  Boy F. is taking down the cabinets over the dinette.  They were in decent condition but they would not have matched any of the other cabinets so out they went!

 Who's supervising and who's doing all the work?

 Trailer load 1 of two that we burned.  This stuff is heavy!

Damage along the front corners.  Buckled paneling from water damage. 

Water damage along the celing.  Found this skylight vent in the bathroom under a piece of paneling.  Leaked too.  We are going to have to remake some of the roof trusses.

What have we gotton ourselves into?

Kitchen window with water damage on the wall framing.

I just keep telling myself there isn't anything else left to find that is damaged.  We'll see......

Until next time.....


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