Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RV Remodel 6

Our next project is fixing the bathroom area floor.  We are not going to put a shower/tub back in.  We have decided that since the hunt camp has a nice shower that we would just put in the toilet and a sink.  I think I would rather have the leg room.  Also, if we camp in it at State parks we shower in their bath houses anyways.

The plumbing under the tub.

Floor under tub fixed.

 Wheel well on kitchen wall boxed in.  The wall is sturdy now!  Boy F. calls this black water tank vent pipe on the right a stripper pole..... Boys!

Framing almost complete!  Looking from rear bedroom to living area in front.  Hubby is progressing right along!

Looking from kitchen area to rear.

Antenna removed, new one ordered, ready to be installed when it arrives.

Roof vent in living area.  Removing!

Dear hubby and I are arguing over these aluminum window awnings.  I LOVE them.  He HATES them.  He wants to eventually repaint the trailer and I think that we should just repaint the awning to match......  We'll see who wins this battle!

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