Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RV Remodel 9

We are almost done with the windows.  Waiting for more butyl tape to arrive.  We try to do something everyday but some days it's like nothing will go right!

Looking down the side.  All these windows removed, washed & re-sealed!

Trying to find the screws for the front awning over the window.  Every screw head was rusted off and covered with caulk!  The trim was so brittle it would just shatter if you poked it.

One of the running lights on the front.  I do not know how I am going to get all that caulk off.  What a mess!

Boy F. helping me out.  He's telling me how he should "save" this for his Dad.....

Front window finally out! 
 Now we just have to clean all the old butyl tape off the window and the siding and wait for more to arrive.

I got the light loose and some of the caulk off but it took the paint off too! 

Dear hubby did a test on the running lights to see if they worked.  Of the 11 only 3 didn't work!  Good job now he's going back to work on them.

We removed the A/C unit from the trailer to see why it leaked there.  We found that there was no gasket under the unit on the roof!  Now were waiting for that to come in.

We're hoping that this weekend we'll have it ready for a leak test!  Dear hubby can't wait to get the trailer out of the barn.  He says it's too cramped.

Look at this!

It's the aluminum awning back on the camper! 

It's the only one though, he still doesn't want them on there, I've got to be a little more persuasive on the other three!

Until next time....


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